about me

A small collection of real and questionably real endorsements:

We just watched your presentation on Wander on YouTube. We are both proud and baffled. Proud of your work and your fluent ability to speak a new English. Baffled because we feel a bit like having been dropped into a Helsinki lecture theatre listening to an eloquent prof speaking in faultless Finnish. Like your comments it would be lovely to the ears and practically meaningless to the mind. But like immigrant parents at their grandson’s university graduation, we are filled with pride that is full of ignorance and swollen with family achievement.


- Grandpa and Grandma

I first met Leo in Kenya while I was on safari. Our vehicle neared one of the last Northern White Rhino’s in the world.

A human figure squatted near the massive rhino, stroking its head to comfort it with one hand and holding a huge viper in the other. Sending the rhino on its way, he spit out the venom he had sucked out of the rhino’s leg. Bending down to safely release the snake, Leo looked up at us, smiling and waving.

I later learned that Leo was halfway through his monthly 200-mile barefoot run across the grassland when he stopped to help the rhino, still finishing the run with a personal best time. He was able to continue volunteer work on the locally-run medical center that afternoon.

While only some (or none) of this may be true, I would still heartily recommend this fine young man to anyone looking for help on important and interesting problems."

- William Henry Gates III

Yea, it’s a weird question cuz that’s not really my world or whatever, but if I had to choose a favorite programmer, it would be Leo Robinovitch

- Porter Robinson