Hansel & Gretel's Internet Lounge


Hansel & Gretel have been adopted into a loving home!!!

You really couldn’t ask for better cats.

Gretel is the shorter haired tortoiseshell cat. She is an explorative cuddler who will paw at your arm gently if you stop petting her too early.

Hansel is a sprawl-in-your-lap kinda guy. A black furry boy, he sheds surprisingly little and is sleek, clean, and has beautiful orange eyes.

Here is their story:

They originally arrived at the SPCA late November of 2016 via our community cats program after being found at SFO airport. There were 3 of them, then named Riff, Raff, and Peach (not sure which ones Hansel and Gretel are). They were under socialized kittens who our behavior team and volunteers worked with to get them ready for adoption. They got adopted together less than a month later. They came back to us in early September of this year after their owner passed away.

After getting back from a few days vacation with my neighbors caring for them, I walked in and they were so excited that they sprinted up and down the hallway multiple times. Hansel spent time in my lap and Gretel sat next to me on the couch.

Here are some nice pictures from their time in foster care in my apartment: