Jerald Chaim "Jerry" Robinovitch

Stories and images from Jerry’s ninth life, lived from April 23, 2021 to May 28, 2022

I wanted a cat. My new apartment allowed them, and they are pretty neat. A friend recommended Jerry, a 15 year old orange boy from the SPCA. I had already applied for him.

Prior Jerry adoption applicants had been deterred by his various medical conditions. Stage one kidney failure, heart murmur, just had some teeth pulled and benign lumps removed…sounds like a hassle.

Due to some combination of being an obviously better person and obviously much more ignorant than those people, these issues did not deter me.

Our first meeting, I thought he looked like a mythical dragon, with the sun reflecting off his green eyes. He walked over my lap, accepted some pets, and went back to lay in the sun.

He had three previous owners. One woman got him as a kitten, then returned him shortly after. Then he lived with an older gentlemen for over a decade, outliving him. After his death, his kids attempted to care for Jerry, but apparently kept him outside (he was an indoor cat) and weren’t super happy, so back to the SPCA for round three.

Jerry spent his first day at home mostly behind the toilet. He ventured out to explore the bathtub, and slowly, the rest of the apartment, running back to the safety of his behind-the-toilet cavern when necessary.

Portions of his front legs and shoulder were shaved from his benign lump removal surgeries.

I was thrilled.

Many friends and loved ones got to meet and hang with Jerry. Here, Kat meets cat.

He got to meet his grandparents. They spoiled him even more than I did!

Jenny and Joe got to hang.

So did Neil and Kate.

Tate and Anosha, all the way from New Orleans.


A fun shot of Letti helping me provide Jerry with his favorite food: the dust from Hot Takis. Photo and joint Taki purchase credit to Eric.

Letti would also spot Jerry in the window sometimes when biking to work, basking in the sun.

Jerry was even able to charm Elena, an epically dog-oriented person. While I know that Jerry and Reco wouldn’t have had a great time if they would have met in person, I’d like to think that they would have had a nice time in some sort of pet VR-Chat situation.

Matt was able to bring out Jerry’s hunting instincts with solid use of kitty toys.

Shayna was one of the first to meet him, back when he was still in bathroom-only mode in the first days post adoption.

Matt and Simone over for dinner with Jerry.

Jillian and Kelly on their way down South.

And of course, many good times and cuddles with Kat. She is an excellent cat mom.

Jerry was a great source of entertainment. I’ll miss sitting on the floor with friends and letting him wander amongst the limbs and laps. He loved Tai’s sock smell on this day maybe more than Hot Taki dust. Madi and Meital’s socks, not as much, for reasons unknown.

So many people made Jerry’s life great through cat sitting and visits.

Barbara and Andrew were absolute legends of cat sitters, living with Jerry for a whole month so that I could go surf in Vancouver.

Also enormous thanks to Danielle, Cathy, Madison, Mario & Thais, Kat, Roger, Neil, Matt, Caleb, Harriet, Regina, and anyone else I’m forgetting who provided Jerry with excellent care while I was away.

Jerry had many occupations and hobbies. He was truly a cat of many talents.

For example, he was a great ballet dancer due to his flexibility.

A world renowned surfer.

A serious businessman.

A yogi.

He worked at the TSA for some time.

He dabbled in kitty modeling.

He was a great food critic.

A great sous-chef and baker.

An outdoor enthusiast.

Music appreciator.

Movie buff.


Lap snoozer.

MGM Lion Impersonator

Massage therapist.

Keyboard protector.

Laundry folder.

Hide and go seek champion.


Brush appreciator.

Hunter of multiple kinds of mice.

Did a stint in the neighborhood watch.

Fox look-alike.


Bird watcher.

Box sitter.

Pro gamer.

He went to prison for a time. For what, I can’t say.

Maybe it was for burglary.

Jerry’s Chronic Kidney Disease progressed through stage four, and eventually it became clear that it was his time.

I’m comforted knowing that his suffering is over, and that we had a good last year together.

Thank you to Eva for providing him hydrating fluids over the last few weeks, Dr Lee, Dr Whitmer and others at the SPCA for providing him great medical care, Georgie for being very supportive in the final weeks of his life, and A Gentle Rest who gave him the best end possible.

If you have pictures or stories of Jerry, please email them to me.

Thank you all for being a part of Jerry’s life ❤️!