iterable[str] in python

Here’s a fun thing with Python’s type annotations.

Sometimes one might use Iterable as a type annotation to try to indicate something might be a set, a list, or a tuple.

But Iterable really just means something that implements __iter__().

And str implements __iter__(), e.g.:

for char in "abc":
# a
# b
# c

And “a” is a str, just like “abc” is a str.

So this type checks: my_var: Iterable[str] = "abc" (!!!).

from typing import Iterable, List

# these all pass type check
a: str = "a"
b: Iterable[str] = "abc"  # woops?
c: Iterable[str] = ["abc", "def"]

# this fails type check
d: List[str] = "abc"  

A fun footgun to be aware of :). Get more specific with types to avoid unexpectedly correct-but-not-what-was-meant annotations.