RC 11 (fin)

Dec 16, 2019 – Leo Robinovitch

In the last few days, I’ve gone from RC in Brooklyn to moving back to San Francisco to currently sitting on a plane to the Dominican Republic.

Recurse is over! It happened! What an excellent time.

I got a lot out of projects, reading, meet ups, interviewing and online courses. The study and research was varied and rewarding.

In the end, though, I got as much or more from being around the people at RC as the individual study. When friends and family would ask me why I chose RC over some other program, I would include in my explanation that RC seemed to “produce incredibly bright and creative people that I want to emulate”. This last week at RC, though, I realized that was poorly said - it isn’t that RC produces good people. It attracts people that share a set of ideas about themselves and the world that strongly correlate with a variety of awesome outcomes. These ideas include:

I am very lucky to have heard about RC via the internet, been taken in by its promise of productive self-driven learning, and to have had such a positive experience there.

Next steps for me include this vacation to the DR, finishing up various little loose ends from RC projects in January (including the nand2tetris OS), visiting family in Vancouver, then starting on the Workbench team of Domino Data Lab as a software engineer in February!